Throw Shade

Like A Boss

The Worlds First Outdoor Portable Patio System.
Throw Shade

Like A Boss

The Worlds First Outdoor Portable Patio System.
Get your family

Out of the dirt and into the shade

From the Kelly family to your family. This bolt-on system transforms your trailer into an outdoor oasis. Allowing you to enjoy all of your creature comforts while continuing to stay connected to nature and the action.

Make Sure The Family Is Happy

After a long day of offroading, you can recharge in a shaded and elevated space.

Set Up In 10 Minutes Or Less

With the Kelly Quick Drop System, this portable patio system comes together in less than 10 minutes. And the best part is that no tools are needed to assemble.

Be The Party Destination

With add-ons like a battery box, Hang-On Cooler Rack, a LED lighting system.

“Get Outside and Stay Outside”


The Kelly Portable Patio System

How It Works

At Kelly Trailer Transformation we have taken measures to ensure that this system is easy to assemble. This caused the creation of the Kelly Quick Drop System, no tools required.

Step 1: Feet First

Level out your trailer using our stabilizing legs.

Step 2: Get Your Legs

Put in one leg. Have a beer. Put in the second leg. Have another beer.

Step 3: Install Arms

The Kelly Quick Drop System allows you to install the cross bars into place without using tools by dropping them into the receivers.

Step 4: Wrap With A Tarp

Every Kelly Trailer Transformation System comes with either a 12X16 or a 16X20 heavy duty tarp.
You tired of assembling a flimsy instant shelter for shade in your campsite?

We are a company who prides ourselves on our excellent craftsmanship.

Made in the USA, The Kelly Portable Patio System is made to withstand the toughest weather conditions. With over 30 years of Metal Fabrication experience and 10 under development, this system is built to last.

Learn about Kelly Trailer Transformation here.

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The Kelly Trailer Transformation Packages

The packages fit 16-foot carry-on trailers. Have a 14 or 12-foot trailer? Contact us for a quote.
Need a Custom size kit? We can build it contact us for a quote.
Check Out Our Hang-On Cooler Rack
There are many benefits of getting your cooler off the ground like ice conservation and ergonomic beer retrieval. But mostly the beer retrieval. Check out our heavy duty cooler rack and other accessories here.
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