The Kelly Family

About Us

We are a family of outdoor enthusiast that spend our time out in the desert.

Bringing Shade To The Masses 

One Trailer At A Time.

At Kelly Trailer Transformation the goal is clear get you outside and bring your creature comforts with you. We are outdoor enthusiast who love to get dirty. We are also metal fabrication workers. Need something custom to keep you out and comfortable? Let us know and we can see about making that special piece for you. 

Kelly Trailer Transformation Co

Mission Statement

We wanted to build a quality product for the outdoor enthusiast like us. We have spent years developing this system which transforms your trailer into something much more than just a utility trailer. 

James Kelly

James Kelly


Welder extraordinaire, with 22 years of metal fabrication and 17 years of construction experience James is the person who will make sure your system is rock solid. He also enjoys offroading and camping and has been doing so since he was 8 years old. Now at 38 years old is using his experience to bring you a better outdoor experience. 

Russ Kelly

Russ Kelly


Russ has been mechanically inclined at an early age. His many years of construction, metal fabrication and problem-solving has been applied to seeing our trailer empty when we needed shade. Developing this system in conjunction with his sons has been one of the highlights of his life. 

Kaleb Kelly

Kaleb Kelly


Kaleb is the keeper of our books. He also does more than just making sure our bills get paid. He works hard researching ways to keep our production cost down while keeping our production quality high. That is a tough balancing act. But, Kaleb makes it happen.

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